The Business

Buy with confidence: You will be getting the best prices, dependable title, easy quick transactions.

We are supported by and networked with a group of professionals that are over 15,000 transactions deep in experience. Land Academy Certified Investor. Simple Straight Forward Quick

What Makes Us Different: We are not Real Estate agents, we do not list land, We Buy Land for Cash. We pass the savings on to you when we sell.

We Sell Land Cheap because we buy right. We help rural land owners who want to sell their property achieve liquidity by providing cash for their land in a quick painless transaction. We don’t have to deal with realtors, banks, and middlemen. We pass the savings on to you.

We can help you find property for a getaway, a cabin, hunting, or just for investment, whatever you desire. If you cannot pay cash for the property you want terms may be available; we can probably work out a payment plan for you. (May not apply to all properties or all states.)

Sell with Confidence

Offer in the Mail: We are continually researching the land markets in rural areas and regularly send offers to owners. A percentage of those owners are ready to sell. Many are happy to find that there is a way to quick liquidity through a direct sale

Why it Works: When you deal with Market4Land, you get the most efficient, effective, and quick CASH transaction, right now! No complications, no middlemen.

My Story


From my youth, I have seen the value of land both for recreation and for development. It was only natural to have an interest in real estate. Grew up in a construction family. Saw the value of income producing property as a property manager. Loved the idea of a getaway in the mountains. Being an independent land investor is a natural outcome of my background and experience. Let me help you fulfill your dreams and desires for a place to call your own.

My dad started taking me fishing when I was five years old. I have always loved the outdoors. Got more than my share of Mule deer in my youth. We still go fishing together, but the hunting has fallen by the wayside unless you count photography. I got a really big bear that way a few years ago. Love any excuse to enjoy nature and the outdoors.

My grandfather was a home builder contractor. I started shoveling and sweeping on his jobs when I was eight. Understood the mechanics of building a home by the time I finished high school. Grandpa also was a land developer with my uncles to generate lots to build on. They developed and built multiple subdivisions in Utah.

Slogged through college getting degrees in Accounting and Business Management. Somewhere in there during college had a short stint as a Real Estate Salesman. Also managed rental properties along the way.



After selling building materials and an accounting job or two I got back into construction as a project manager and then as a contractor. Eventually got some additional education in commercial construction management and did that for a while.

Built homes in Las Vegas when the market was hot there. Saw how they developed the driest most miserable swaths of desert land into beautiful subdivisions. Never looked at any piece of land the same after that. It’s all about potential and vision.

Have lived in Utah, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Idaho, Nevada, California, Washington (state) and back to Utah. Found great things about all of them. Have grandkids to visit in Illinois, both ends of Utah, Idaho Montana and until recently New Mexico. Partial to living on the edge of the desert as opposed to places where everything that stands still turns green. I find it easier to withstand triple digit heat than subzero winters.

Married my sweetheart Kate in 1977 and she has hung with me through thick and thin ever since. She is still waiting for me to “get rich” though I feel rich knowing I have her and our family. Our family includes five children. Three sons are eagle scouts; two are engineers, and the other teaches computer sciences in high school and college. One daughter is a homemaker, and the other is our guardian who watches over us from heaven. They have blessed us with twenty-one grandchildren.