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Market 4 Land is the place to turn your rural land into green cash money in the shortest possible time.

Market4Land.com is a way to sell your land quickly for cash to a buyer who understands and specializes in rural vacant land.

Listing with Realtors is not the best way to sell your rural vacant property. The MLS is geared to selling improved urban and suburban properties, mostly homes. Rural land listings often languish unsold for hundreds of days. Showing remote rural properties eats up their valuable time. Commissions are small compared to home sales. Realtors are not motivated or equipped to sell rural land.

In addition, banks are reluctant to make loans for rural undeveloped land. The land market works best with cash.

Our aim is to purchase your rural property for cash at a mutually beneficial price, quickly and professionally, closing with a single cash payment to you the seller. We strive to make the process as simple and straight forward as possible:

  • Use this website to provide us information on the property.
  • With the information you provide we research your property to determine what we can offer.
  • When we come to agreeable terms, you meet with a Notary at a location you choose to sign closing documents.
  • The Notary then gives you a cashier’s check for the total amount agreed on. Done- you have cash in hand!

Market4Land.com saves you money and hassle by handling all the paperwork and fees to transfer ownership.


We represent an established network of land buyers who are ready to offer you cash for your land. With decades of land buying experience we make selling your land fast and simple.

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